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Sterile and Non-Sterile Garments for Your Cleanroom

It is essential to your business to maintain the sterility and integrity of both your cleanroom and your product. Lakeland Industries offer CleanMax® clean-manufactured garments for all your cleanroom applications.  

All of our CleanMax® clean-manufactured garments are designed for durability and comfort with the protection you expect. They are best suited for applications within ISO Class 4-8 cleanroom environments.

Each clean-manufactured garment contains a QR code on the shipping box, individual package, and garment itself. By utilizing the QR code, you will have quick and simple access to each individual garment’s sterility certificate. CleanMax® packaging is also engineered to preserve the quality of the garments with easy-open packaging.

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    Available in both sterile and non-sterile, clean-manufactured configurations, Lakeland CleanMax® disposable coveralls feature: 

    • Latex and silicone-free fabric 
    • All bound seams 
    • Tunneled elastic 
    • Resistance to blood and body fluid penetration, viral penetration, and BBPs 
    • And more!  

    Availability of product can be crucial for your cleanroom and product operations. Our team and a valuable network of distributors are ready to help get you product when you need it.

    We're also proud to boast about our excellent customer service team. Our highly-trained specialists are ready to work directly with you to meet your needs and assist in achieving satisfaction with Lakeland products.